Based in Oporto, the textile capital of Portugal, Carneiro & Sá, Lda has started its activity in 1994, fully specialised in licensed apparel for kids and youngsters.

It is focused on supplying department stores and fashion retail chains, either based on its own collections, either designing private labels after briefed by the client, either just finalizing the prototype development and making the production.

Therefore, within its specialisation -licensed knitted fashion apparel for kids and youngsters- Carneiro & Sá, Lda is fully flexible on responding to its clients' needs.

A fast and reliable service has rendered the grateful position of being a trusted and permanent supplier, after more than 10 years serving the market leaders in the countries where the company operates: Portugal, Spain and France. We operate either under our own license agreements, either under the cients' licenses. In true, we like to position ourselves as an external and fast responding link of our clients' value chains.

Under our own licenses we are currently working with the following characters: Snoopy, Smurfs, Betty Boop, Super Heroes, Looney Tunes, Winx, Strawberry Shortcake, Lazy Town and Beyblade.
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